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The Most Common Arguments Against Feminism – DESTROYED! (video)

I get a lot of really ANGERY comments about feminism on my videos. Most of them are rooted in logical fallacies and incredible ignorance. In this video I attempt to DESTROY these tired old arguments that I see cropping up time and time again.

Resources From This Video:
Feminism is for Everybody (book)

Contrapoints Video on Becoming a Feminist

This video was inspired by this article.

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Should Leftists Stop Eating Meat? (video)

It’s one of the most controversial subjects in leftism: is eating meat unethical? We interview vegan YouTuber Alex Krasny and ask him the tough questions about vegan philosophy and animal liberation.

Links from this video: Vegan Starter Kit

Alex’s YouTube Channel

Interview with holocaust survivor Dr. Alex Hershaft about animal liberation

The PETA Animal Sexual Abuse Video featured in this video

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The Red Pill is a Cult (video)

The Red Pill Community uses cult-like tactics to recruit sad, lonely men and transform them into angry misogynists. In this series we’ll explore the ways the Red Pill Community manipulates men and indoctrinates them into a radical ideology of misogyny and toxic masculinity.

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Overflow! Let’s talk about the direction of the YouTube channel

This is the first episode of Overflow, my rambly series where we talk about the direction of the channel and random stuff that’s been on my mind. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thought Slime’s channel

My Mastodon quick-start guide

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America’s Forgotten Labor War – Who Killed May Day in the USA?

Today is International Worker’s Day, a holiday in the majority of nations around the world — but not in the USA. So it may come as a surprise that May Day has its origins in events that occurred in Chicago over 130 years ago. Let’s explore the hidden history of the REAL labor day!

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The Cyber-Comrade’s Guide to the Internet (video!)

The internet is a hostile environment for leftists. This digital e-video is filled with tips and advice for thriving and surviving as a leftist on the world wide web. Boot up, log on, and get ready for some cyber-class-warfare!


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My Guide to Mastodon

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