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Your Democracy Sucks – the Borda Count and Liquid Democracy

Democracy is cool, but first-past-the-post voting is not cool. So, let’s use better democracy systems like the Borda Count and Liquid Democracy, how about?

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The Dark Future of Capitalism (video!)

Time Traveler Emerican Johnson interrupts your broadcast for an important message about capitalism. Is there still time to save the Earth from the most destructive force in human history? It’s up to you!

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Am I a LITERAL Neckbeard? (yes, yes I am)

In this Overflow episode we explore the very serious accusation that I am a neckbeard.

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A Communist Carrot of Wisdom

Neckybeard and Glue the Work Horse get a job pulling carrots for Frank the Capitalist, when something very magical happens…!

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Uniting the Left – Interview with the United International Front

Alex with the United International Front joins us to discuss strategies and tactics for uniting the left. Find out more about the UIF:

Instagram: @theuif

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In For Wars: Capitalist Puppet vs. Anarchist Robot

Frank the Capitalist brings Krobotkin the Anarcho-bot into the hard-hitting arena of ideas that is IN FOR WARS — the puppet alternative news channel that the lamestream media doesn’t want you to watch!

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