Political Theory and Philosophy

American Death Cult has MILLIONS worshipping FAKE SCIENCE!

In this episode of “Modern Death Cults” we take a look at one of the largest and most dangerous sects...

Anarchist Organization Methodology and YOU! | Communist Quick-Start Training Series

Welcome to the exciting world of Anarchist Revolution! This series of training videos will prepare you for global liberation of...

Let’s talk about our (parasocial) relationship

This is kind of a throwback “talking a lot without any music and graphics” video, but I think it fits...

Capitalism is a friggin’ SCAM

Capitalists are fudging the numbers about global prosperity, the US economy is getting wrecked by capitalism, and liberals bargain with fascists to suppress the working class.

You say you want a revolution?

Start your own revolution. Right now.

Capitalism Has No End Game and We Are All Doomed :)

...unless we can put an end to it pretty quickly!

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