Political Theory and Philosophy

The Most Common Arguments Against Feminism – DESTROYED! (video)

In this video I attempt to DESTROY these tired old arguments that I see cropping up time and time again.

Should Leftists Stop Eating Meat? (video)

It's one of the most controversial subjects in leftism: is eating meat unethical? We interview vegan YouTuber Alex Krasny and ask him the tough questions about vegan philosophy and animal liberation.

What the hell kind of country is China? – China Rising, Part 1

Is China really communist? Or is it fascist? Or something else entirely?

The author in a sickle and flag shirt standing in front of an anarchism flag.

An Anarchist Defense of the Sickle and Hammer

Is the sickle and hammer an appropriate symbol for modern-day leftists? This anarchist thinks so.

The Cyber-Comrade’s Guide to the Internet (video!)

The internet is a hostile environment for leftists. This digital e-video is filled with tips and advice for thriving and surviving as a leftist on the world wide web.

Marxists in South Carolina?! Interview with the First Marxist-Leninist Demonstration of South Carolina

Our first interview! We talk to Patrick about his organization, the First Marxist-Leninist Demonstration of South Carolina. He explains the...

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