Political Theory and Philosophy

Contracts and Mutual Aid – How Anarchism Works Part 2 (video)

How can we build a society that allows full participation of everyone? The same way capitalists build huge multinational corporations. With contracts!

How would anarchism actually work? (video)

One of the first questions I usually get asked about anarchism is, "how would that work?" In this series we'll talk about some of the pragmatic possibilities for how an anarcho-communist society might function in the real world.

Stop arguing with Bad Faith Trolls! (video)

Are you tired of debating with angry jerks online? In this film, Professor Carrot teaches us how to avoid Bad Faith Arguments with the "IDGAF" formula!

The Nicest Thing He Ever Owned – The Newcomer – Chapter 2

The Nicest Thing He Ever Owned – The Newcomer – Chapter 2

Part 2 of a speculative fiction series: what if the Western half of the USA became an anarcho-communist society after the Haymarket Affair in 1886?

Your Democracy Sucks – the Borda Count and Liquid Democracy

Democracy is cool, but first-past-the-post voting is not cool. So, let's use better democracy systems like the Borda Count and Liquid Democracy, how about?

A Communist Carrot of Wisdom

Neckybeard and Glue the Work Horse get a job pulling carrots for Frank the Capitalist, when something very magical happens...!

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