CNT-FAI Side Caps to support Rojava!

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These awesome CNT-FAI side caps were made by Kurt Vinlander as a fundraiser for the First International Commune of Rojava. 75% of the money from these sales will go to the Internationalist Commune of Rojava — ($15 per cap) will go directly to the Commune by bank transfer. The rest goes to Kurt so he can buy more materials and make more.

If we run out of stock you can back order and we will probably restock within a couple of weeks or so.

Click here for more information about the commune.

NOTE that the ones worn by Emerican and Luna are made of a slightly thinner/darker material. The ones you buy are made of a thicker, more luxurious material with a brighter red and deeper black (see product photo for actual example of what you’ll be getting).

If you’d like to, you can get in touch with Kurt by email!


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