What the hell kind of country is China? – China Rising, Part 1

Is China really communist? Or is it fascist? Or something else entirely?

America’s Forgotten Labor War – Who Killed May Day in the USA?

Today is International Worker's Day, a holiday in the majority of nations around the world -- but not in the USA. So it may come as a surprise that May Day has its origins in events that occurred in Chicago over 130 years ago.

The origin of capitalism — how it started and why it has to end! (video)

Part 1 in a series on capitalism, exploring the foundation of capitalism and the mechanisms that place capital owners at the top - and workers at the bottom - of society.

How a Bunch of Gangsters Stole Our Entire Planet: a Brief History of the State

Long ago, we were all just a bunch of people. We wandered around, gathered stuff to eat, hunted stuff to...

Fascism and Violence – Part 1

Fascist streetbrawls are not animalistic crimes of passion, but philosophically determined political acts.

The Haymarket Massacre

Labor Day’s Protofascist History

On May 1, 1886 the mighty gears of American industry ground to a halt when tens of thousands of workers...

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