10 Bloodthirsty Capitalists who MURDERED their way to the top!

Is the USA worse than North Korea?

The USA has always postured as a force for peace around the world. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the...

American Death Cult has MILLIONS worshipping FAKE SCIENCE!

In this episode of “Modern Death Cults” we take a look at one of the largest and most dangerous sects...

What the hell kind of country is China? – China Rising, Part 1

Is China really communist? Or is it fascist? Or something else entirely?

America’s Forgotten Labor War – Who Killed May Day in the USA?

Today is International Worker's Day, a holiday in the majority of nations around the world -- but not in the USA. So it may come as a surprise that May Day has its origins in events that occurred in Chicago over 130 years ago.

The origin of capitalism — how it started and why it has to end! (video)

Part 1 in a series on capitalism, exploring the foundation of capitalism and the mechanisms that place capital owners at the top - and workers at the bottom - of society.

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