BreadSpread Trailer Submission Guidelines:


By submitting your 15 – 30 second trailer/promotional video, you agree that ohter creators will do any or all of the following::

  • Download them to include in other projects
  • Add them to playlists on YouTube and other sites
  • Run them on streams
  • Feature them in videos
  • Encouragement of other bigger leftist creators to run them on their channels as well
  • Create pages/web sites that will feature spots
  • Occasionally release Supercuts of the best spots.


  • Channel must be leftist or at least very left-friendly.
  • If you’re a leftist running a channel that’s not overtly political but at least openly embraces leftist principles you are free to apply, so for instance a leftist-oriented gaming channel is fine but if you keep your leftism concealed from your audience that isn’t appropriate for this project.
  • We welcome creators of various ideologies (anarchist, ML, mutualist, even SocDems lol, etc.) as long as you’re cool and nice to people.
  • No edgy shitlords, aggressively anti-intersectionalist class reductionists, or reactionary leftists. If we find out any channels promote or are fine with bigoted ideas/language/etc. we will remove the content from our vids.
  • Please keep the vids to a PG rating (use your best judgement) – we will hopefully be platforming them in a wide variety of ways. That said, if your channel is on the more aggressive/NSFW side of things in terms of language or content please include a warning somehow in the spot.
  • Creators and artists of any kind (vid makers, streamers, podcasters, writers, etc.) are free to apply.
  • Promo vids can be between 15 and 30 seconds long and must adhere to both Twitch and YT TOS. No copyrighted content that is not your own can be used!

To submit:

Simply fill out tse the form on this page to submit your spot. It may take up to one week for us to add your spot to the BreadSpread collection, please be patient but if we don’t respond to you within a week feel free to resubmit.

Advice for Trailers:

  • Try to highlight your “point of differentiation” that makes you stand out from other creators.
  • Don’t be too self-effacing and critical of yourself in the spot. I.e., highlight the positives instead if disclaiming the negatives. If you’re new and still learning, for instance, instead of saying “my stuff isn’t very good yet” say “I have some BIG PLANS for the future!”
  • Include a strong “call to action” at the end telling the audience directly what action to take (subscribe now! Download today! Get it now on your favorite podcast app! etc.)

Thanks for your consideration, let’s spread some bread!