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In For Wars: Capitalist Puppet vs. Anarchist Robot

Frank the Capitalist brings Krobotkin the Anarcho-bot into the hard-hitting arena of ideas that is IN FOR WARS -- the puppet alternative news channel that the lamestream media doesn't want you to watch!

Facebook is your enemy – Seizing the Means of Communication (video!)

Mainstream corporate social media serves one function: to manipulate us and modify our behavior. As leftists we need to be...

Elon Musk vs. Krobotkin the Anarcho-Robot

Elon Musk the Shark is schooled on the true nature of capitalism by KROBOTKIN the anarchist robot.

Glue the Horse Gets a Job (and Awakens to Class Consciousness) (video!)

Frank the Capitalist tries to steal Glue the Work Horse's labor value, and that makes Karl Marx Chan one angry kitty!

Full Interview with Alana – Incels and Love Not Anger

This is the much-requested full hour-long interview with Alana, who founded the internet's first community of "incels" back in the 1990s and is today working to build a new project dedicated to moving lonely people "beyond incel."

The Little Known #MeToo Movement of Vietnam

By: Luna Nguyen Ms. Nguyen is a Vietnamese writer and translator living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Over the past year, we’ve...

The End of the Beginning (video!)

Non-Compete recently hit 1,000 subscribers! Let’s look back on some past memories and look forward to the direction of the...

Love Not Anger: Interview with the woman who coined the term “Incel”

In this interview, Alana tells the story of how she founded the incel community and her new organization, Love Not Anger.

The Non-Compete Ideology Explained

I am a leftist, first and foremost. More specifically, I'm an Intersectionalist Anarcho-Communist. Watch to find out what the heck that means.

The Most Common Arguments Against Feminism – DESTROYED! (video)

In this video I attempt to DESTROY these tired old arguments that I see cropping up time and time again.

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