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The Haymarket Massacre

Labor Day’s Protofascist History

On May 1, 1886 the mighty gears of American industry ground to a halt when tens of thousands of workers...

National Socialist labor propaganda

Fascist Socio-Economics

How do fascists view (and use) class conflict?


National Socialism

Were the Nazis "socialist?"

White Nationalism is a Pyramid Scheme

This evening I was researching the Traditionalist Worker Party, which was front and center representing the fascist Nationalist Front at...

Sweatshop Workers

Say goodbye to the last factory job

American tech company SoftWear has just announced a robot that can replace 17 factory workers in the manufacture of garments. This is a tremendously huge deal because garment manufacturing is one of the last traditional manufacturing jobs that requires a large number of workers. Until now.


Personal vs. Private

Class Struggle

Class Structure

The Haves and the Have-Nots

A Fat Capitalist


Know the Enemy


History 375

Fascists understand the power of violence. They realize that the middle class' revulsion to violence is itself a weapon.

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