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Welcome to the class war! Why Capitalism Sucks: Part 2 (video!)

Welcome to the class war!

3 Things leftists can learn from the far right

If we hope to confront the growing threat of the far-right, we have to be willing to learn from them.

The origin of capitalism — how it started and why it has to end! (video)

Part 1 in a series on capitalism, exploring the foundation of capitalism and the mechanisms that place capital owners at the top - and workers at the bottom - of society.

Toxic Masculinity: A Manly Video for Manly Men About Manliness

If you're a man and you are skeptical about feminism, this video's for you. Don't swallow that red pill just yet - let's set some things straight about what "toxic masculinity" really means!

YouTube channel update

This is just a little update on the channel. Thought I’d introduce myself, talk about the channel’s goals, and see...

How a Bunch of Gangsters Stole Our Entire Planet: a Brief History of the State

Long ago, we were all just a bunch of people. We wandered around, gathered stuff to eat, hunted stuff to...

America is a terrorist nation

America will never recognize white male terrorists who reflect inherent violence of our society.

It’s time to leave Facebook for Mastodon

The time has come for every leftist to say goodbye to Facebook and move on to woolier pastures

Stephen Hawking’s Urgent Warning for Humanity (video!)

Dr. Stephen Hawking left us with a dire warning about humanity's future under capitalism.

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump

The USA has the moral low ground going into North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has recently offered an unprecedented invitation to United States president Donald Trump to visit North...

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