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The Capitalist Myth of Scarcity

Capitalists need society to buy into the myth of capitalism so that they can maintain their vast wealth and sweeping power over this world.

There’s only one way to end violence in the USA (video!)

The USA has always been a violent nation. The only way to put an end to violence is to build an American leftist movement and discard the violent cultural baggage of our past.

The Overton Window – What is it and why should you open yours to the left? (video!)

Today we talk about why we can talk about some things and not talk about other things and how people...

Dear Liberals, Let’s Talk! Love, a Leftist (Video!)

My second video, and it’s less than 7 minutes long! My name is Emerican Johnson and I’m a leftist —...

Let's talk about privilege

What’s up with white dudes on YouTube in Asia? (Video!)

In my first dirty anarchist vlog I talk about white privilege for about 26 and a half minutes. Why are...

"Monopoly Millionaires Divide the Country," 1882

Thank You Capitalism, Now Go Away

The development of capitalism was one of the best things to ever happen for humanity -- but all good things must come to an end.

Net Neutrality Was Always Doomed by Capitalism

Leftists understand that it was only a matter of time before the internet would become partitioned off and commodified by the capitalist class.

Are we greedy by nature?

The Hobbesian War Reactionaries will invariably turn to human nature as a starting point for arguing against anarchism, communism, and...

Your boss is a thief

Capitalists traffic in illusion. They must be seen, and see themselves, as the font from which all of the successes of a business flow. They must downplay the effort and brilliance of employees in order to justify the wholesale theft of labor value they take each day in the form of profit.

This is how modern fascists are manipulating us

Today’s fascists are sophisticated manipulators who realize that in order to normalize and legitimize their politics in America’s contemporary political climate they must be seen not as aggressors but as victims of repression.

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