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Spooky Scary Socialists! (music video)

Finally: a Halloween song for anarchists, communists, and puppets!

Starting a Class War in Cities: Skylines | Company Town e01

The seeds of class division are being sewn in the sleepy town of Atlas. It turns out Cities: Skylines is a fantastic capitalism sim!

Capitalism is KILLING Gaming!

Always-on DRM, loot crates and DLC, gaming as a service, taking down ROMs... Need we go on?! Something is ruining gaming as we know it! What can it possibly be? Find out in this politically provocative puppet performance!

How Art and Science Might Work Under Anarchism | How Anarchism Works Part 4

Capitalists claim that profit-motivated competition benefit the arts and sciences, but are there better ways for humans to answer our higher callings?

It’s Time to Stop Validating | A Closed Letter to Ethan Klein

Please do not watch this video unless you are Ethan Klein. This video is about validation gangs as they relate to Ethan Klein and H3H3 and should only be viewed by Ethan Klein.

It was a good movie, though | The Newcomer – Chapter 6

Note: this is Chapter 6 in an ongoing series of speculative fiction about an alternative history of the USA. Chapter...

How do the police and military work under anarchism? | How Anarchism Works Part 3 (video)

Although anarchists are fundamentally opposed to hierarchies and the use of coersion, we must still be pragmatic about community defense and dealing with people who cause harm to society.

Free Speech =/= No Consequences | ReviewTechUSA Response Video

With great YouTube audiences come great responsibility. This is my response video to ReviewTechUSA about his response video to The Verge's "PC Building Fail."

Confessions of a Capitalist: how an entrepreneur became a commie

This is the cautionary tale of my rise and fall as a small business man.

What’s it like being trans in Vietnam?

Ha Minh shares the story of her experiences as a transgendered woman living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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